Truly efficient customer service

Quality is at the heart of your concerns. It is at the heart of our processes.

Carefully selected materials

The choice of materials is of prime importance in the context of our quality process and the high compliance targets to reach.


THERMOFINA draws on its expertise and knowledge of the market to stay ahead in this crucial phase.


Manufacturing processes

under permanent control

Since its creation, THERMOFINA works on a basis of optimal quality, based on unbiased, controlled and measurable norms and standards.


We use cutting edge technologies to ensure the essential qualities of products and to achieve their maximum level of accuracy. Meticulous quality controls at each stage of production and finished products are, for you, the best guarantee of reliability.


Certified quality monitoring

Our structured quality system, based on internationally recognised regulations, allows to better justify our ability to maintain the consistent quality of our services.


Controlled by an independent body at the organisational, regulatory and technical levels, it’s a triple guarantee of security for our customers who benefit from quality services that are consistent and meet standards or guidelines in force.


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THERMOFINA has distributed sterile and non-sterile medical devices for nearly 60 years.
This sector requires vigilance and precision in order to constantly offer technical products that perfectly meet the requirements of your business in terms of functionality, reliability and hygiene.



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